We're passionate about promoting sector-wide and cross-sector partnerships within the county. 

We recognise that working in partnership has many benefits, including:

  • Creating a larger community presence and influence
  • Providing opportunities to share skills and expertise
  • Creating opportunities for the distribution of funds that might not have been accessible before
  • Enabling access to a wider range of resources
  • Improving engagement with service users
  • Creating opportunities to view and understand issues from different perspectives

The key principles of partnership working are clarity, openness, trust, shared goals and values, and regular communication between partners.

We also recognise that there may be some potential pitfalls when working in partnership and careful consideration into the right processes, structures and vehicles of partnership is needed. The most important aspects being a shared goal and honesty towards a true vision for the partnership/project.

Better Together

Working in partnership underpins all that we do here at the Gloucestershire VCS Alliance.  We strongly believe that we are 'better together' and are keen to facilitate online and face to face opportunities where people can come together and share best practice, knowledge and resources.

We do this in a range of ways including:

  • Events such as our Safeguarding Adults Roadshow - a yearly event which brings together a wealth of expertise and rescources from across the VCSE sector. We'll be announcing details about next years' roadshow over the coming months in our VCSE Sector News Bulletin.
  • VCSE Sector Forums - our forums are central to connecting people and organisations together. We are currently developing a Gloucester ILP Forum. More information about Integrated Locality Partnerships is available here
  • Our Mental Health Forum is a network of local organisations from the VCSE sector in the county which aims to make mental health support and advice services across the county more accessible, more effective, and more suited to the needs of their users. More information about this forum is here