Our team are passionate about strengthening, supporting and developing the VCSE sector in the county. We come from a range of different backgrounds and work together to create a thriving and resilient VCSE sector in Gloucestershire for the benefit of individuals and communities.

Matt Lennard

Matt is our CEO. Matt is passionate about ensuring that we have a strong, resilient and thriving VCSE sector in Gloucestershire. Matt is approachable and always looking to work in partnership. He also advocates for grassroots groups who struggle to have their voices heard in key decisions.

Jill Parker

Jill is our Head of Operations. Jill's role involves ensuring that the VCSE sector in Gloucestershire is represented and embedded in Gloucestershire’s health and care system. You can find out more about Gloucestershire's Integrated Care System here.

Karen Matthews

Karen is our Business Support Lead. Karen keeps the Gloucestershire VCS Alliance running smoothly by managing our 'back office'. Karen also manages our finances, supports our trustee board and ensures that we are GDPR compliant. 

Emma Snell

Emma is our Go Volunteer Glos Manager. Emma's role involves linking VCSE groups & organisations with local volunteers to build sustainable and productive relationships. You can find out more about Go Volunteer Glos here.

Joanna Scott

Joanna is our Mental Health Coordinator. Joanna’s role involves about supporting VCSE and public sector partners to deliver integrated mental health services in the county. You can find out more about mental health and wellbeing projects here.

Rob Fountain

Rob is our Head of Strategic Partnerships. Rob’s role is focussed on facilitating relationships between VCSE organisations and commissioners – and between VCSE organisations too – so that there is more effective local partnership working in the delivery of services and support to our communities.

Cate Hemingway

Cate is our Head of Sector Innovation. Cate's role involves identifying opportunities which support, develop and sustain VCSE groups & organisations in Gloucestershire. You can find out more about some of the projects that Cate is currently working on here.

Emily Barker

Emily is our Research and Development Officer. Emily has a keen eye on how the sector is performing through live data analysis. Emily is skilled in using relevant data and research to find answers to questions, and solutions to problems. Find out about our recent State of the Sector Report here

Holly Mullarkey

Holly is our Communications Officer. Holly is responsible for organisation-wide marketing and communications. Holly also works closely with our team to oversee the range of 'comms' that we send out to the sector, our partners and stakeholders. 

Lucy Henderson

Lucy is our Go Volunteer Glos Project Support Officer. Lucy's role involves supporting organisations using Go Volunteer Glos to find volunteers, helping volunteers find opportunities, and monitoring the impact of Go Volunteer Glos on the VCSE sector in Gloucestershire. You can find out more about Go Volunteer Glos here.

Wendy Kewley

Wendy is our Team Administrator, supporting our Head of Operations with the VCSE Strategic Partnership and a variety of other administrative duties. The first port of call for Gloucestershire VCS Alliance membership and newsletter subscriber requests, she also helps our Communications Officer in compiling our newsletters and Bulletins.

Get in touch

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