We provide a free job advertisement service to VCSE sector groups & organisations delivering services in Gloucestershire.

Our service is a useful resource for you to include in your recruitment toolkit. To help you with this process, we've included some frequently asked questions below:

Who is able to use this service?

This service is for VCSE sector groups & organisations delivering services in Gloucestershire. Therefore this includes grassroots organisations all the way to to larger registered Charities that operate locally, regionally & nationally.

How do I include my vacancy in your News Bulletin?

It's a quick and simple process! All you need to do is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the below information:

  1. The job title
  2. The full name of your group/organisation
  3. The salary
  4. The hours
  5. The application deadline
  6. A link to your vacancies page on your website

When will our vacancy be included in your News Bulletin?

We prioritise vacancies according to deadline (so that we can ensure that we can advertise as many vacancies as possible). A list of our VCSE Sector News Bulletin issue dates and deadline is on our Newsletters page. This is a helpful point of reference for deadlines and publication dates. We will also contact you to let you know when your vacancy will be included in our News Bulletin.

How else can I increase the reach of my vacancies?

We are happy to repost any job vacancies that we include in our News Bulletin on our X account (@GlosVCSAlliance). All you need to do is send us your vacancy and tag us in on your posts. 

Why do you offer this service?

We offer this service as one of our strategic priorities is to inform, develop and strengthen the VCSE sector in Gloucestershire. We pride ourselves in being at the forefront of positive change within the VCSE sector in the county and support groups & organisations to become more sustainable. We're aware that the sector is struggling to recruit and retain team members. We recognise that the VCSE sector needs a range of support and this is therefore one of the ways that we offer individualised support to groups/organisations.

What other support do you provide?

We're the independent voice that informs, strengthens and develops the VCSE sector in Gloucestershire. We promote partnership working at every level and ensure that the views of the sector are represented in a range of ways, including via our work with the Gloucestershire VCSE Strategic Partnership, ILP Representatives and agencies involved in the county's Community Mental Health Transformation programme.

In addition to this work, we provide a variety of free and fully funded information and support for the sector including:

  • Free training & events - we run a range of sector specific training courses & events throughout the year. More information about our upcoming programme is available in our Book Now page
  • Free Online Training Videos - our Charities Act (2022) Webinar and Sector Shorts (Social Media for Beginners) series are available to stream on our online training page 
  • Free Sector Spotlight Debates - we will be announcing a date for our next debate shortly. You can stream our 'Better Together or Surviving Apart?' debate on our Sector Spotlight page
  • Free advertising of volunteer & trustee roles - we host Go Volunteer Glos, a free service that provides personalised support and helps groups/organisations in Gloucestershire to recruit and support volunteers.
  • Free access to information - we send out a range of free newsletters and mailings with valuable information for and about the sector. A list of the newsletters that we publish is now available in our newsletters page
  • Free Resources - we're putting together a selection of resources specifically for VCSE sector groups/organisations in the county. Our current resource list is available on our website
  • #VCSENewsGlos - we share news, information and updates about 'What's Happening' within the VCSE Sector in Gloucestershire on our X and Facebook accounts. You can also search for our hashtag: #VCSENewsGlos.
  • Free membership - we're a membership organisation and offer our members a range of discounts and other benefits. More information about membership is available on our website
  • Our Podcast - our monthly Podcasts are available to stream (we film them!) on our Podcast page. Our January Podcast will be launched shortly so watch this space!

Get in touch

If you'd like to contact a member of our team please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.