Teckels is a small, independent charity in Whitminster, Gloucestershire.

Our rescue and rehoming centre is a charitable organisation, which cares for and rehabilitates homeless cats and dogs and finds them forever homes. Some of these animals have had a difficult past during which they may have been neglected, unloved or abandoned. Others have previously had owners who are sadly no longer in a position to look after them

Teckels opened in 2003 and each year we aim to support around 250 cats and 150 dogs. We have held the stray dog contract for Stroud District Council for more than 15 years which means that we take in all the strays in the area and help to reunite them with their owners, or to find them loving homes. We also care for a number of long-term residents who are yet to find their forever home. Our non-destruction policy means that we will never euthanise an animal other than for health reasons – we believe that all animals deserve the chance of a happy life, even if that means staying with us for a longer period.