Stronger, Safer Communities

Our Stronger Safer Communities Forum exists to share information, debate issues, and help the VCS sector to speak with a collective voice in this area.  You can read the Terms of Reference here.  If you are interested in getting involved, please email or complete the contact us form on this website.

Future meetings

Meeting dates for 2018 are to be arranged.

Safer Cyber

The VSC Alliance has been considering how we can support the sector to be more secure online and plan to set up quarterly Safer Cyber sessions to look at issues such as IT infrastructure and malware and learn from some of the county’s leading experts.

The first Safer Cyber session was held in November 2017 when Ian Maxted, police lead for the OPCC Safer Cyber presented on social media and phishing.

Minutes of past meetings

The most recent meeting in November 2017 dicussed Strengthening Local Communities, heard news from the Criminal Justice Board and Commissioner’s Forum and updates from Hollie Gazzard Trust, the Aston Project and Gloucestershire Hate Crime. 8 November 2017 081117 SSC Forum minutes

3 November 2016 031116 SSC Forum minutes

8 June 2016 080616-ssc-forum-minutes-final

9 February 2016 090216 SSC Forum minutes FINAL

For details of earlier meetings, please email

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