Small Charities COVID19 Joint Letter to Government

The Small Charities Coalition (SCC) is increasingly concerned about the lack of government recognition and action with regards to the charitable sector, its delivery of services during this critical period as well as the sector’s current and future funding. 

We know from your phone calls and emails that this is of serious concern to so many of you. We are eager to get the concerns of small charities on the agenda in particular. We have been talking to senior government officials and ministers, but we feel the need for action is now. 

SCC has drafted the following letter to send to the Prime Minister for 12 noon today. It is designed to be simple, unfortunately we do not have the luxury of time to consider changes or redrafts, and to this end we have kept our ask simple. When we send this we will also copy in every MP and Lord into this as well, and also profile where we can with your organisation’s name and link to your local MP. 

Here is the letter – to sign, simply click the button below the letter to provide us with some basic details. We will keep the letter open in the long term and also publish it on our website, but we will send whatever we have at 12 noon this afternoon (19 March).

Dear Prime Minister

The Small Charities Coalition and our 13,800 members recognise these are unprecedented times. The UK Government has announced substantial financial measures to support the business sector during the Covid 19 crisis, but once again the charity and not-for-profit organisations has been overlooked.  

We are writing as not-for-profit organisations, charities and funders in the UK who are deeply concerned and worried about the apparent failure of the UK Government to recognise the need for financial support for the not for profit sector at this critical time.

There are almost 180,000 registered charities in the UK and thousands of not-for-profit organisations. We have been collectively ignored and left unsupported during this critical period, yet we have stepped up to the challenge of providing continued support and assistance to those in great need, even when our own organisations are at risk.

We would ask that you look as a matter of urgency into making public commitments that offer financial stability for the not-for-profit sector, just as you have done for the business sector. Furthermore, we request that such measures are of equal measure, ease of access and reach to those provided for other sectors and that you commit to checking and ensuring that all current and future policies and plans include an assessment of their impact on all charities and not-for-profit organisations.

We trust that this will meet with a favourable response and ask for further engagement to support the development of the UK Government’s plans for our sector.


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National Database of Small Charities and Local Provision Responding to COVID19 

The Small Charities Coalition is creating a web page outlining the services that community, small charities and local councils are providing in each local area –

To be included, simply complete go to this link Small Charities COVID19 Delivery Response . The form asks you 4 very simple questions, and we shall add all SCC members delivering services to the national list as well. 

March 19, 2020


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