Gloucestershire Leaders Group

Gloucestershire Leaders Group is a peer to peer group, open to all leaders of independent Gloucestershire charities.

It is a group where you can:

  • Meet a range of other charity leaders from across the county
  • Discuss ideas and share concerns with an emphasis on identifying creative solutions
  • Look at your own individual leadership style and find strategies for developing and strengthening yourself in the role of leader
  • Experience mutual support from like-minded professionals
  • Contribute to a generative forum for identifying opportunities for sector-wide development and informing county-wide strategy.

Each 2-hour session will focus on a specific topic such as Collaboration vs Isolation, Resilience, Organisational Structure, the Relationship between Leader and Trustees, Managing Change, Communication, Strategy and Vision, Sustainability, Financial Strategy.

This is not: a talking shop; a training session; an opportunity to sell your charity or a one-way information event.

For an annual membership of £95, Gloucestershire Leaders Group will comprise 8 two-hour sessions in the first year, across the county. In addition, there will be 3 interactive evening sessions for trustees looking at key issues of governance facilitated by subject experts.  For topics, dates and venues please click here. This project is in partnership with GRCC.

For further information or to book a place please contact: Barrie: 07891 664046, or Rachel: 07980 750915, Facebook @Gloucestershire Leaders Group,

September 25, 2018


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