Gloucestershire Crisis Care Concordat & Declaration

Gloucestershire was the first to develop a Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat declaration and action plan and both were launched in October 2014. This is all about improving the response to people in crisis. The Action Plan is regularly reviewed and monitored by the Mental Health & Wellbeing Partnership Board.

Gloucestershire County Council and the CCG would welcome voluntary organisations signing the declaration and providing an action for inclusion in the Gloucestershire Plan. An action is anything you believe would improve the response to people in mental health crisis and could be major, minor or anything in-between, but it does need to be within your or your partners’ power to deliver.  It would be useful to define the outcomes of your action, the timescales for completion and any partners you will be working with. If you want more than one action that’s fine too.

Examples of actions have included the re-commissioning of the crisis service, development of the mental health crisis training strategy & establishing an understanding with British Transport Police. An action could be around preventing crisis, how to access care and support in crisis, the quality of care in crisis or how to help people stay well after a crisis.

Concordat signatory organisations are national organisations with significant and/or statutory responsibility for mental health crisis care that agreed to the Joint statement and have responsibility for the governance and delivery of the Mental Health Crisis Care Concordat.

Concordat supporter are VCS organisations that have an interest and involvement in mental health crisis care. Supporter organisations are prepared to share information about the Concordat with their networks/membership and to encourage their involvement in developing and implementing local crisis declarations.  If you would like to discuss what might be a suitable action, please contact If you would like to become a signatory organisation and wish to submit an action, please email

October 29, 2018


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