Gloucestershire County Council agrees 2018-19 budget


Gloucestershire County Council has set its budget for 2018-19 at £412.9 million. This includes extra support for vulnerable children and adults, more money for roads, and investment in electric vehicle infrastructure.

Take a look at the budget breakdown or click on the image on the left.


The council allocated funding as follows:

  • £2.6 million for children’s social care
  • £1 million for adult social care
  • £0.53 million for the Highways Local Scheme
  • £0.47 million for electric vehicle infrastructure

An additional one off Adult Social Care Support Grant of £1.581 million from government will provide more money to support both older people and those with physical and learning disabilities.

A new Growing Our Communities Fund will provide each county councillor with £30,000 over three years to spend on community projects, which could include roads, giving local councillors the flexibility to spend money where their area needs it.


February 19, 2018


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