Engagement sessions

The Alliance runs 1:1 engagement sessions in each district across the county to engage with as many VCSE organisations as possible.

If you would like to make an appointment with a member of the team, please email info@glosvcsalliance.org.uk and we will arrange a bespoke session for you.

Here are some examples of what has happened as result of people attending a session.

Providing information:

  • Explaining the VCS Alliance and the roles of its staff
  • Providing details of the Community Wellbeing Service
  • Providing details of relevant Commissioner/Commissioners
  • Organisations are able to clarify and publicise what they are currently working on and new initiatives they wish to promote


  • Linking up with relevant Alliance staff
  • Signing up to receive the Alliance newsletter and funding bulletin.  Opportunity for organisation to publicise its own service through the Alliance/
  • Greater engagement and networking opportunities following the drop-in sessions through attending Alliance events, such as the Gloucestershire Talks Mental Health event and the Gloucestershire Health & Wellbeing strategy events.

Issues raised and fed back to the statutory sector:

  • Lack of funding
  • Questions regarding lack of commissioning
  • Lack of statutory resources e.g. domestic resilience awareness training, post-natal support
  • Lack of transport
  • Inadequate premises
  • Lack of knowledge of Community Wellbeing Service (and no referrals)

Feedback from those who have attended

All those who have attended have given positive feedback. They have welcomed the opportunity to engage with the Alliance and understand more about what the Alliance does.  They have taken up the opportunity to publicise their work more widely and to send important messages to the statutory sector.