About the Children & Young People Forum

Children & Young People Forum

Grow, learn, develop together on behalf of Children & Young People in Gloucestershire through a united voice


We are an independent voluntary sector voice which represents all Gloucestershire voluntary organisations seeking to improve services to Children & Young People’s work.


  • To collectively be the voice of Children & Young People’s services.
  • To influence change and represent the needs of organisations working with Children and Young People.
  • The Forum will not deliver any services to Children & Young People.


We aim to achieve this by:

  • Working together with collective views
  • Being open and transparent
  • Independent representation
  • Working collaboratively
  • Taking the lead on strategic issues

Who should join us?

The Children & Young People’s Forum is for all voluntary organisations who work with Children & Young People.

It is for those who are genuinely concerned about welfare of Children & Young People in Gloucestershire to discuss issues and celebrate what’s going well.  It’s for people who work with children and young people day in and day out.

To be a member of the Forum your organisation must:

  • be a charity with a registered charity number
  • be non profit making
  • be run by a board of voluntary trustees
  • receive all its income from donations or grants.  Commissioning is allowed provided your organisation does not make a profit from it; any surplus must be ploughed back into your organisation
  • have volunteers who play a critical role in ensuring your organisation operates effectively

By children and young people we mean those aged between 0 and  25

By voluntary organisation, we use the NCVO definition which is:

“Organisations that focus on wider public benefit as opposed to statutory service delivery or operating profit. Although many of these organisations have paid staff, a defining characteristic is their voluntary nature, whether in governance through a trustee board, in finance through donations and grants, or in resources through the help of volunteers.”

To get involved or find out more, please email info@glosvcsalliance.org.uk or complete the form on our Contact Us page.