Charity Commission launches new annual return service

The Charity Commission has launched its new digital service for charities completing their 2017 annual return.

It is the latest development in their digital transformation programme. Digital services to enable charities to change their name or update their governing document are also expected in the next couple of months.

The new service means that when charities fill out their 2018 annual return, they will be asked to confirm that some information is still accurate, rather than be required to re-enter it.  The Commission has produced new guidance on preparing an annual return.  Find out more here  A consultation on questions to be included on the 2018 return is expected in the autumn.

User testing

The Charity Commission is developing a number of digital services to make it easier for charities to complete tasks online. They are looking for people in the sector to take part in user research and testing, and will use the feedback to improve services.  Find out more on the Commission’s website.

September 4, 2017


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