Operational Board

The Operational Board is responsible for the day to day implementation of the work of the Alliance and increases its understanding of what is happening in the VCS across the county. It ensures the aims of the Strategic Board are met and the Alliance has a positive impact on the wider VCS in Gloucestershire.

The Operational Board is made up of people from across the voluntary sector, our forums and partner organisations.


Catherine Kevis, Gloucestershire Community Foundation
Elin Tattersall, GRCC
Marilyn Jennings, YMCA Cheltenham (Chair)
Norman Gardner, North and West Gloucestershire District Citizens Advice
Peter Guns, Cheltenham Street Pastors
Simon Gillings, Youth and Community Services

Minutes of Operational Board meetings

Operational Board minutes 021018

Operational Board minutes 120618

Operational Board minutes 050418

For details of earlier meetings, please email info@glosvcsalliance.org.uk.